The term sex worker is considered that sex work is work, while some people think that prostitution has undertone of criminality and immorality. Those women who are associated with this industry prefer to use the word sex worker or escort girls in Tel Aviv because they think or according to them, the word prostitute is insulting, humiliating and stigmatizing which basically excludes them from basic rights like health, education and social services. Most people do sex work because it is a way for them to earn and this is the best option they have. In the prostitution industry, many women you see, some from a poor family, so they choose this profession to earn their living, when they do not find any other suitable profession and also because this option seems easy to them. While some people do sex work because of their own interest and to explore their sexuality.

Some people talk about Criminalization of sex work but sex workers see this thought as a threat to not just their work but also their lives. Criminalization means ban on everything, you cannot buy or sell sexual services. It also makes it hard for escort girls to carry condoms freely because they can be used as evidence of prostitution. In many cases, sex workers report something to police, like when they experience violence, maltreatment or harassment by a client but Criminalization leaves them with no choice but not to go to police in any case because they can’t report anything to police that has happened to them because they are vulnerable to imprisonment, more violence and penalty. This maintains and even increase the stigma that is associated with them, also the violence and impunity which endangers the lives of sex workers or escort girls and make them more vulnerable to deprive basic human rights.