There is no correct way to feel about sex and also, there is no right way of having sex, you can do this as you want or as you need. People can experience pleasure or sexual satisfaction from a number of positions, sexual fantasies and different types of sex.

For some escort girls in Haifa, indirect stimulation from a particular sexual position, for instance being on the top, is just enough for them to get high sex drive. While some escort girls or sex workers or prostitutes want prolonged or direct stimulation from sexual intercourse. All of this is very normal and females should not feel ashamed about this and even about sharing this with anyone.

On the other hand, escort girl’s male clients enjoy sex while it lasts longer. One of the reason is that the more time they spend having sex, the more sexual pleasure they feel and also because it increases the chances for the females to orgasm. This is also one of the reasons that men prefers young escort girls because they have more stamina and they have long lasting sex with them and also because there body parts, especially the genital parts are more active and healthy which increases the sexual pleasure or sexual desire. When a male client goes to an escort girl or hires a sex worker, they do not go directly in having sex, instead they first need to get turned on because that is important step before having sex and for that, they first start kissing each other which gets harder and harder and after that the client, the man starts touching her breasts which can help them to turn on. This can be a very beautiful and private moment for both of the people involved but it is more beautiful when you do this with your partner instead of doing it with some random escort girl.