The first question that one should ask is that what pleasure is? Well, pleasure is a feeling of satisfaction or enjoyment. Sexual pleasure is described as psychological or physical enjoyment or satisfaction that comes from having sexual intercourse of doing sexual activities with your partner or an escort Tel Aviv. Some things like privacy, being able to communicate, safety and consent are all the factors the contribute to your sexual pleasure or sexual satisfaction. Any kind of pleasure, including sexual pleasure can be different for everyone or is different for everyone and it can be changed or impacted by so many things like weather, location, emotions, mood or your metal state. And there is also one more thing, something that is pleasurable for someone might not be pleasurable for the other or may be one day what gives you pleasure, the other day might not give you pleasure.

When people think about sexual pleasure, what their mind does is that it automatically starts thinking about breasts, genital parts, bums and nipples. But, other than that, lots of other parts of our body also gives us pleasure, if you think about a smack on thigh, a kiss on the neck or a scratch on your back. Different kind of touches give you pleasure and it can be interesting and fun to find out that on which part of your body, you feel pleasure on touch. It might be possible that you like the feeling of a massage or pressure, or you might prefer using different kinds of objects for pleasure like the feeling of a feather on your body, maybe you like having a warm bath when the water touches your body or you might like being tickled. The experience of our pleasure is very diverse, so you need to be creative when you explore your pleasure zones. Look for what works for you and think out of the box.