If you close your eyes and think of the term ‘bordello’, the red light district of Amsterdam is more than likely the image that springs to mind. However, in recent years, bordellos have become a much more exclusive and glamorous version of what was once viewed as a seedy side of society.

Despite its notorious and often misunderstood reputation, the bordello is enjoying increased popularity within the adult entertainment industry. Seen as a luxurious escape from the everyday stresses of life, bordellos offer a more lavish take on traditional brothels in a plethora of exciting locations. They are a perfect go-to destination for travelers and those seeking a more stimulating and intriguing evening out.

In this blog post we will explore the history of the bordello, the various types and the luxurious experiences they can provide.

What is a Bordello?

A bordello, sometimes referred to as a ‘brothel’, is defined as “an establishment based around providing sexual services for its patrons”. This type of entertainment has been around since ancient times, with references to them in various cultures from the Ancient Egyptians and Minoans right up until present day.

At one time, bordellos were largely associated with poverty. They were seen as a place for the desperate and destitute to turn to in order to make ends meet. In recent years however, the bordello has experienced somewhat of a renaissance, becoming a luxurious sanctuary for pleasure seekers from all walks of life.

Types of Bordellos

Bordellos come in a variety of forms depending on the services they provide and the clientele they are geared towards. Below are a few of the most popular bordello types.

Daytime Bar / Nightclub

These bordellos are generally open during the day, operating as an upmarket bar or nightclub with the addition of adult entertainment. They are popular with local pleasure seekers looking for an alternative to the traditional nightlife on offer in the area they reside.

Private Members Only Clubs

These are exclusive and discreet bordellos, strictly for invite-only patrons. They usually offer exclusive services and provide an ultra-luxurious experience of indulgence and pleasure in a safe and secure environment.

High-Class Ga-gé

These are bordellos hosted in luxurious homes and properties, specially designed with the aim of providing a more exclusive experience. Ga-gé bordellos are often targetting the wealthy and discerning pleasure seekers who expect only the very best in service and experience.

The Benefits of Bordellos

Bordellos offer an alternative form of entertainment for adults who are looking to indulge in something a little more provocative. Unlike traditional brothels, bordellos usually provide a much more up-scale experience, tailored to clients who have high expectations when it comes to pleasure.

Bordellos offer a safe and secure environment for their guests and employ staff that are not just stunningly attractive but also well-trained in providing a unique and unforgettable experience. They offer a degree of privacy and personalised attention that can not be found with conventional brothels and establishments.

Bordellos also grant a guest the opportunity to indulge in a completely discreet and private experience that few other forms of entertainment can provide. As a result, the bordello offers an atmosphere of sophistication and seclusion that isn’t so easy to find elsewhere.


The bordello is an exciting and often misunderstood industry that is filled with hidden delights and tantalising pleasures. From discreet VIP members only establishments to luxurious high-end indulgences, the bordello is a perfect go-to destination for a truly luxurious escape.

For gamble-loving pleasure seekers looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, it’s without a doubt the place to be. Whether you’re looking to spice up your nightlife, to escape the everyday grind or just to experience something out of the ordinary, bordellos are worth seeking out.