You work as a skilled escort, but you don’t feel like you’re being paid enough to compensate for the quality of your service. Or are you a rookie who doesn’t know how to set up your fees properly?

Then follow this step-by-step process to make a basic arithmetic calculation on your monthly expenditures and the services you provide, which will throw light on where you should position yourself with your service rates דירות דיסקרטיות בחיפה.

Examine the Direct Competitors

Knowing is the power since it helps you to reevaluate yourself and your services in response to customer demand and the offerings of competing suppliers. So, determine who your immediate competitors are in the same age range, service list, and area.

When you know your direct competitors and the costs that the girls are charging for the same services, you’ll know where you stand, what you can charge, and what you can add or modify about your escort services.

Make a List of Your Costs

Consider your monthly expenses related to your escorting employment. We’re talking about rent, beauty treatments, sex toys/lingerie, and everyday items like condoms, lubricants, water, sweet snacks, and so on. After you’ve determined how much it costs to provide high-quality escort service, consider how many dates you can handle in a day without tiring yourself, and figure out the amount you need to charge each hour to cover your facilities and other expenditures while still making a profit.

Outcall Expenses versus Incall Costs

If you want to provide outcall services, prepare ahead of time and include in your profile the distance you will travel to meet with a customer and any other needs you may have. Keep in mind that outcall prices are greater than incall costs, and be sure to include these additional expenditures in your hourly rates, such as taxi fare, time spent on the road, and a “vanity” charge – since you need to dress up and make an impact when he opens the door and sees you.