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As one of the most beautiful Mediterranean city, Eilat is the southernmost town in the country as well as one of Israel’s most famous places for those seeking a pleasant getaway. Not only brimming with pristine beaches and captivating coral reefs, Eilat also plays host to a plethora of interesting historical and cultural attractions that showcase the region’s long and colorful past.

Rightfully known as the Triple Walled City, Eilat is located on the Israeli coast of the Red Sea bordered by Egypt and Jordan. It is considered to be part of the Land of Milk and Honey, as mentioned in the Bible, and is an excellent opportunity to explore both land and sea.

What makes this impressive oceanic city a top destination for travelers is its many stunning views and attractions that can provide any individual with spectacular memories to look back on. Everything from its outstanding beaches and attractive hiking trails, to the iconic underwater observatory and Rehovot museum, ensure that every person who visits Eilat has something memorable to explore and enjoy.

The city is divided into two main parts, North and South Eilat, which are further divided into numerous neighborhoods. These include the beachfront promenade, Rotem Park, and the Satzim neighborhood. The area is also surrounded by many locations of interest, such as the Israel National Trail, Coral Beach, and Timna Park.

Before one starts to explore the many sights and attractions of the city and the nearby locations, it’s essential to understand the rich history and culture behind them. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to do so, ranging from the recently renovated national marine museum in Eilat to the Elat Geographical Institute for Research and Tumult’s Tutorial of Bible Probabilities Trek.

The main reason Eilat is as popular as it is today is the affordability of its excellent activities and transportation.

When it comes to attractions, there are plenty of opportunities to find something interesting and enjoyable. The popular Dolphin Reef houses a variety of fish, amphibians, and 7 resident dolphins while the Underwater Observatory Marine Park offers a fascinating view of the coral reef under the Red Sea. It’s also worth visiting the Israel National Trail, an 800-mile path from Mount Hermon to Eilat, allowing travelers to take a scenic view of some of Israel’s most breathtaking scenery.

Adventurous tourists can explore the unparalleled beauty of the Red Rock Canyon, an area offering a variety of hiking trails for all levels of fitness. For those seeking to get close to nature, the Eilat Botanical Garden is the perfect option, with its walks running alongside the Garden’s picturesque cafés and breathtaking views.

After visitors finish their day exploring the city and its attractions, it’s essential they take the time to try out some of the many regional cuisine. From the fresh salads that make up the traditional Israeli dish Sabich, to the local seafood and delicious Arabian-influenced dishes, dining options in Eilat vary widely.

It isn’t hard to understand why the town of Eilat is among the best cities to visit in Israel. Between its incomparable beauty, breathtaking attractions, and vibrant culture, it has something to offer for everyone. Whether it’s a leisurely beach vacation or an exciting adventure, this city of light provides more amenities and activities than one can wish for.