Decriminalization does not release a flood of hazardous clients onto the passive bodies of sex workers, as evidenced by evidence-based studies from academics, community organizations, policy analysts, and escort girls in Haifa themselves. It frequently produces safer working circumstances, makes it possible for employees to screen customers more safely, and promotes a feeling of shared identity that lessens the stigma attached to sex work. Importantly, it has been demonstrated that the reformist strategy of regulating customers and rehabbing those engaged in sex work makes escort girls more violent, lowers their income, and amplifies any existing traumas brought on by the stigma of sex labour. Researchers who are interested in space and place look at how gentrification and governmental regulations interact in urban environments that also serve as community centers and sex exchange locations. This frequently results in increased worries about the moral status of such communities and the people who reside in or work there. In the state creation of moral geographies in connection to urban sex work space(s), the component relationship between space and sexuality has also been addressed. Others describe territorial stigma, which is the stigmatization of certain locations because they are used by sex workers and other marginalized groups. This practise frequently makes it difficult for these groups to get social and medical services.

A diverse range of disciplines, approaches, and specialized specialization are used in the increasingly robust field of research on prostitution and sex work. As more innovative fields of work that take into account the variety of sex work forms, participants, and their distinctive lived experiences begin to take shape, the conventional emphasis on the moral status and social lives of women engaged in prostitution is moving. Given its connection with societal taboos regarding sexuality, desire, and the various ways that people seek pleasure in both licit and illicit ways, it is still a hotly debated field of study. The association between prostitution and sexual trafficking as well as the lives of those who engage in it contributes to the ongoing fascination with these topics.