Escort Tel Aviv have been studied widely in the past few years and there are a number of researches on the kind of lives they live. Escort girls or sex workers have to live separate from their parents and their families because of their work. This work of prostitution is seen as something bad and that is the reason that most of the sex workers hide their work from their family and related people, especially their partners because it has both negative and positive impact on their personal romantic relationships. Some escort girls do not tell their partner about their job because they think that their partner won’t understand that why they need this kind of job, because so many sex workers do this job because of financial issues, so they hide this from their partners.

Also, research shows that the job of an escort girl mostly has negative impact on their personal relationship and there are so many factors or reasons of it. One reason is that this job creates the issues of trust, guilt and jealousy among them. The male partner might feel insecure about the sexual relationship he has with his partner. One escort girl gets involved with so many clients and have sexual intercourse or other sexual activities with so many men and that could be a problem for them when it comes to their personal lives. Also because this job has been stigmatized in the society, especially in eastern society and it is considered as a sin. But the research also shows that some sex workers reported that their work has positive impact on their personal relationship because they get to experience different preferences about their sexual activities and different experiences about having sex. These sex worker’s partners do not feel shame or guilt about their work and they less likely to have trust issues between them.