Dates after dates, lengthy bookings, overnights, exotic retreats, this is an elite escort’s routine. So, how do PMS and menstruation pains fit into this hurried lifestyle?

It doesn’t, which is why finding techniques to cope with the negative effects of the menstrual cycle is critical if you want to keep your rhythm throughout the month דירות דיסקרטיות בחיפה. So, when the monthly period starts knocking or even hammering at your door, here are a few tactics you may try:

Warm Up Your Lower Abdomen

To keep your lower belly warm, use a blanket, a soft pillow, or a warm water bag. This relieves cramps while also boosting blood flow and providing a comfortable sensation.

Have Fun Experiencing Orgasms after Orgasms

Take the necessary hygiene precautions on days when the menstrual flow is light, and schedule some dates. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it with strangers on certain days of the month, do it with your lover. Are you not married? Masturbation is the answer!

When experiencing those uncomfortable times of the month, it might be helpful to engage in sexual activity to forget headaches and migraines. Orgasms increase your blood flow, which in turn helps your brain absorb certain natural chemicals that assist your body in relaxing and forgetting about cramps and discomfort. This explanation is straightforward and based on the fact that orgasms increase your blood flow.

Keep Your Body Moisturized

Because your body dehydrates due to losing fluids throughout your menstrual cycle, drink plenty of water. This will also aid in the reduction of bloating and fatigue.

Say No to Coffee and Salt

Caffeine raises estrogen levels, exacerbating PMS, but salt causes you to retain water and get bloated. So, avoid those 2, and you should feel good.

Avoid Cosmetic Treatments at Any Costs

You have a month to arrange your bikini wax or corporal therapy, so why do it just before menstruation when you’re more sensitive than ever? Pamper yourself rather than torture yourself, and you should be well!