Holon, located in the central part of Israel, is a bustling city of natural beauty, cutting edge science, and innovative art. With its wide streets, elegant public parks, and easily accessible public transportation, Holon is a wonderful refuge for dreamers, entrepreneurs, and culture seekers.

The most populous city in Israel south of Tel Aviv, Holon has long been known as a major center of art, science, commerce, and higher learning. It boasts an impressive selection of museums, which include the Mylejim Museum of Science and Technology, the Holocaust and Heroism Memorial Centre, and the acclaimed Hanesar Music Museum. Further, Holon has a thriving culture of young entrepreneurs and tech start-ups that drive the local economy.

Holon also boasts a beautiful and vibrant natural landscape. Home to over 800,000 residents, there is no shortage of green spaces and outdoor activities available to enjoy. Stunning parks, the Mediterranean beach, and the nearby Hiriya hills are all within easy reach.

The City of Science

Holon’s commitment to science has been at the forefront of its development over the last two decades. A fast-growing reputation for scientific excellence has established it as a global innovator and an attractive spot for research, development, and talent. Holon is home to the tripartite Weizmann Institute of Science, the largest scientific research institution in the region. Founded in 1934 as a part of the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science, the Weizmann Institute of Science in Holon was established to facilitate research and teaching on behalf of the Weizmann Institute of Science and serves as the regional epicenter of scientific exploration and education.

The Weizmann Institute of Science is home to the renowned Einstein Monument, the world’s largest and most advanced solar energy research laboratory, and cutting-edge medical research facilities. It also serves as a research hub for artificial intelligence, engineering, and computer science. As a result of the city’s dedication to scientific excellence, close to 5,000 scientists, researchers, and students from across the globe visit the Institute each year.

Further, Holon is the proud home of Technion – the only Israeli university to make the prestigious list of the world’s top 100 research universities. Technion has long been providing Israeli researchers the skills, knowledge, and research opportunities to develop new and innovative scientific solutions to the whole of the world’s many challenges.

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The City of Culture

A rich cultural heritage is alive and well in Holon, and the city provides a unique experience for culture seekers. Holon boasts a bustling music industry, a vibrant nightlife, and a plethora of live music venues, including the world-renowned Holon International Music festival that takes place annually.

Further, the city is renowned for its artistic offerings, from street art to the internationally celebrated Holon Design week, from traditional sculpture to modern art galleries, and from innovative technology to intriguing technological experiments. Holon also features a variety of cultural centers including the National cultural center, the Center for Digital Culture, and the Mishkan Le’Omanut, which provide a wide array of educational, cultural, and artistic programming.

The City of Dreamers

At the heart of Holon is a vibrant group of dreamers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and start-ups who contribute to the city’s energetic and forward-thinking atmosphere. The Holon Innovation Lab, which was developed by the city’s Economic Department, serves as a launch pad and incubator for new ventures. Furthermore, Holon is well-known for its support of tech companies and start-ups, helped by its advantageous location within the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and the availability of sites, funding, and government grants.

The foundation of innovation, science, and culture create the perfect storm for dreamers in Holon to pursue their innovation in a supportive environment. With specialized economic development departments, expert investment teams, and creative co-working spaces, Holon is the ideal destination for helping your dreams come true.

As a warm and vibrant melting pot of culture and science, Holon is a destination like no other. With a strong emphasis on innovation and a dreamer-friendly infrastructure, the city is the perfect spot for entrepreneurs, scientists, and individuals of any background with an eye for the future. From its impressive lineup of museums and cultural events to its cutting-edge scientific and research facilities, Holon is the perfect destination for anyone looking to pursue their passions.